Easy Recipes for Sick Dogs Who Need a Special Diet…
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Has Your Dog Been Diagnosed with Cancer or Pancreatitis?

Does Your Pet Suffer from Liver, Heart or Kidney Disease?

Is He or She Plagued By Seizures?

Forget that prescription diet food your pet hates. Our easy homemade dog food recipes were designed to meet the needs of dogs with specific diseases, taste good and cost you less money!


Has your dog been diagnosed with any of the above conditions?

Perhaps you’ve been feeding your pet a special (and expensive) prescription diet to control or alleviate his or her disease. You know the one. That processed and often tasteless pet food your veterinarian recommends…

But you find your dog won’t even touch the stuff…

I can tell you why your dog doesn’t want it.

Quite simply, those processed, prescription diet dog foods are loaded with junk ingredients such as potato product, hydrolyzed organ meats, potato starch, soybean oil, rice, egg product, maize (aka corn), dried beet pulp and the list goes on and on.

Often times the first ingredient is water! Your dog knows the difference between good foods and not so good foods.

While they make bold promises to treat your pet’s disease, there is no guarantee that they help at all and may even contribute to the problem.

Check for yourself. Look on the back of a bag of any prescription diet dog food. What you’ll find is a whole list of chemicals, additives and fillers amongst the other questionable ingredients.

But don’t give up on your best friend just yet. Luckily there’s a simple solution to your dog’s nutritional needs for his or her ailing health.

And this treatment won’t cost you an arm and a leg like those prescription diet pet foods you find at your veterinarian’s office. Plus, I want you to be happy with your purchase which is why the book is “satisfaction guaranteed”.

This book is about helping you to help your dog, but if for any reason the book isn’t for you, just shoot me any email and let me know. I’ll gladly issue you a refund when you return the book within 60 days of purchase.

Help Your Dog’s Failing Health with Real,
Honest-to-Goodness Food…

Believe it or not, it’s as simple as that.

And I’m not talking about those processed commercial pet foods you buy in a bag or a can. I’m talking about the same kind of real food that you and I eat every day.

But isn’t that expensive, you might ask? Won’t I have to spend hours I just don’t have, preparing my pet’s food?

Not true. With a good old-fashioned crock-pot, homemade dog food can be easily and quickly prepared. And WAY cheaper than those designer prescription diet dog foods…

Buy the eBook – Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine for just $9.99

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I’m convinced! Show me how I can avoid prescription
foods for my best friend and save 15% when I order today.
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Lets Take a Look Again at What’s REALLY In Those Prescription Dog Foods
That Your Vet Recommends

With all the advances in medical science, you would think people, along with animals, would be healthier than ever.

But unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

Cancer rates keep rising in pets and this disease kills dogs more than any other. Obesity, as well as diseases of the liver, kidney and pancreas, have become real health concerns for our companion animals as well.

Why do you think that is? Let me explain why; because it all starts with diet, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there!

Take a hard look at what we feed our pets on a regular basis. It all makes perfect sense once you understand that we give our dogs hard processed food, full of chemicals, additives and fillers? Plus, no matter what brand, KIBBLE IS NOT A HEALTHY WAY TO FEED YOUR DOG. There’s no moisture and this is not good! Plus, dogs are carnivores FIRST which means that meat should make up much of their diet.

And some of the ingredients they put into certain commercial foods are just plain frightening. If you look on the back of some of these processed foods, you’ll find chemicals such as:

  • Sodium carboxy-methyl-cellulose
  • BHT and BHA
  • Propylene glycol
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Propyl gallate
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Iodine
  • Phosphoric acid

Some of these chemicals, like BHT and BHA are know carcinogens. Propyl gallate and ethoxyquin can contribute to liver damage along with other health problems. And sodium carboxy-methyl-cellulose? It’s actually an edible plastic filler that has long been outlawed for human consumption.

Then when our pets become sick with kidney, liver or heart disease; most traditional vets will prescribe commercial foods that include other unhealthy ingredients that most dogs want no part of, especially when they’re sick.

If you’re signed up for my website and blog; then you know how hard I push to make pet owners understand the importance of feeding quality natural foods and eliminating chemical products completely. Products such as flea and tick treatment MUST be natural.

Although you may feel like it, YOU’RE NOT STUCK and this book is all about providing your dog with healthier meals tailored to his specific disease or illness.

Better Options for Your Sick or Older Dog


More than just loaded with chemicals and fillers, most commercial pet food has gone through a long complicated process of cooking that has left it lacking essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health.

Sure this food is convenient, but does it resemble the diet your dog has evolved to eat? No, not at all!

And let’s face it. Your doctor would never tell you that a diet of packaged foods and frozen dinners would be at all healthy for you. So why do we feed our pets a diet of processed food in an effort to cure their diseases?

A fresh food diet provides your pet with vitamins and nutrients directly from the source. It boosts your dog’s immune system and gives him or her enough energy to fight disease and cleanse the body of any toxins.

Buy the eBook – Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine for just $9.99

Immediate download after payment, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

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My Sick Dog Easily and Cheaply.
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Homemade Recipes Especially Created For Dogs Fighting Disease and Illness

Hello, my name is Janie Knetzer. Founder of www.old-dog-treats-and-rawhide.com and www.yourolddog.com. I have dedicated a large portion of my life to rescuing and saving the health of older dogs.

Dogs are my passion. Helping them gives me great joy. For me, there is no better way to help them than by improving their health, naturally.

And there is no better way to improve their health than by feeding them real, fresh food that delivers the vitamins and nutrients needed to fight disease.

That’s why I have worked with pet nutritionist, Darleen Rudnick to come up with Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine.

What makes this book different than any other dog food recipe book you can find online or at your local bookstore?


Home Cooking for Sick Dogs does more than give you simple dog food recipes. We chose ingredients especially geared to address the particular health problems of your animal. Inside you’ll find recipes especially tailored to meet the needs of dogs with conditions such as:

  • Cancer
  • Pancreatitis
  • Seizures
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Heart disease

You’ll also get a short explanation of each disease that afflicts your animal.


Written Especially For Your
Sick Elderly Dog

Because I’ve been in your shoes many times, we’ve designed each recipe with your sick or aging dog in mind.

Plus I made it as easy for you as possible. I understand how busy your life can be. Working a full-time job, raising kids, as well as your beloved pet, you just don’t have time to cook elaborate meals for your family much less your four-legged family member.

That’s why Home Cooking for Sick Dogs makes the whole process of preparing meals for your dog as easy for you as possible. Each recipe consists of only three to five ingredients. And almost all of them can be prepared quickly in your own Crockpot.

Avoid Wasted Time At The Pet Store

Also, each meal will keep in your refrigerator for five days so your pet’s food will be set for almost an entire week. You’ll prepare your dog’s meal in less time than it takes to drive to your local pet store or veterinary clinic.

And my cookbook spells it all out for you. You’ll understand:

  • Which grains, meats and vegetables are suitable to feed a your dog with his or her particular condition
  • Appropriate serving sizes
  • How long each specific meal will remain edible for your pet

Buy the eBook – Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine for just $9.99

Immediate download after payment, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Yes, Janie, I’m Ready to Order.
Please Give Me the Tools To Help My Dog!
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A True Canine Advocate

As I mentioned earlier, I am committed to better health for our four-legged friends. And I am passionate about educating others on the importance of natural health for dogs and cats (whenever possible), so they can live long happy lives. Having studied pet nutrition on my own, I can offer proven advice that just plain works.

But don’t take it from me. Listen to Zoe’s parents. Once they started feeding her a diet based on my recommendations, Zoe’s life completely turned around:

“Feeling helpless as our beautiful puppy’s health began to decline, we turned to the Internet for help and found Janie’s site, Old-Dog-Treats-and-Rawhide.com. We could tell right away Janie knew her stuff so we signed up for a consult.Janie explained to us that we needed to heal the inside of Zoe first-which would eventually fix the outside. She spent hours with us, emailing back and forth almost daily. At her advice,we started Zoe on a new diet with high quality dog food,supplements as well as extra feedings. What amazed us was Janie’s commitment to Zoe. She wanted us to keep her up to date on Zoe’s progress and really let us know that she was there for us and our dog.

After 3 months of following Janie’s advice, Zoe’s health is astounding. She never has to use a cone and her hot spots are gone and filled in. She now has a gorgeous coat, never itches, her ears and belly look awesome, and her stools are firm and easy to pick up.

Zoe’s also gained back much of the weight she lost, has a great appetite and is full of energy. She is by far the healthiest and prettiest dog in town!

People who knew Zoe before say her new found health is a miracle! But we know it’s just Janie, her advice and her genuine concern. We will forever be in her debt for saving our sweet Zoe!”

-The McNamara Family, Maryland


Backed By Nutritional Science

To create the best dog cookbook for your animal, I consulted with holistic pet nutritionist Darleen Rudnick.

An expert on pet health and diet, Darleen has been studying nutrition since 1987. Let me tell you, Darleen really knows her stuff. Just look at her credentials:


  • A Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition
  • Certification as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Conducts ongoing workshops on nutrition
  • Is an Instructor at the Southern Institute of Healing Arts
  • Owns and runs Purely Pets Wellness Center
You don’t have to resign yourself to losing your older dog just yet. Try our recipes from Home Cooking for Sick Dogs, and watch how simple homemade food can help.


Buy Home Cooking for Sick Dogs-
Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine,

And you’ll receive:

  • Homemade dog food recipes geared to your pet’s disease
  • Advice from a certified holistic pet nutritionist
  • Quick and easy recipes that can be made in your Crockpot
  • Simple to follow instructions on how to improve your older dog’s health

You’ll be amazed how easily you can create a home cooked meal tailored to meet the needs of your dog’s particular illness….

And because it is my life’s mission to save older dogs, I want to make feeding and caring for your animal as affordable as possible. That’s why I charge only $9.99 for Home Cooking for Sick Dogs. With my book you’ll learn a number of different recipes that will keep your dog happy and healthy for years to come. Just think of all the money you’ll save avoiding those expensive prescription diet dog foods that your pet hates.

And today I have an even better deal for you…

Purchase Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine and you can get over 15% off the original price. You can learn everything you need to know to feed your aging and sick dog for only $9.99.

That’s a fraction of what you would spend for a bag of prescription diet dog food.

Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine is more than just an investment in your dog’s health. It’s a purchase that will save you money now and in years to come.

Order your copy of Home Cooking for Sick Dogs- Easy Cuisine for the Special Diet Canine today and revive your aging dog’s health. Your older pet’s energy and vitality will amaze you.

So don’t wait. Buy our homemade dog food recipe book.

Just think of all the time you’ll save yourself avoiding those extra trips to the pet store…

Treat your pet to our homemade dog food recipes today and watch how much money you save in the long run.

Your older dog will thank you for it.


P.S. Just in case you need more convincing of the impact a better diet can have on your sick dog, I want to leave you with one last testimonial:

“I always thought that I was doing a good a job taking care of my sweet “Boo” when it comes to her food. I thought I was feeding a high quality dry dog food. But, I always wondered why her coat was so flaky and her stool was always soft. Boo was 7 years old at the time when I noticed that she lacked energy and was overweight. The vet diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel.

It was around this time that I met Janie and she immediately noticed that Boo was lacking nutritionally. She explained that dry dog food in general is not a healthy way of feeding dogs no matter what the brand, but cheap brands are the worst. She explained that dry food is a convenience for dog owners, but not a healthy way to feed dogs and cats.

With Janie’s guidance, I changed Boo’s diet and added some much needed supplements. I also eliminated chemical flea and tick treatments. Boo was like a different dog. She lost weight, became more active, her stool became firm and the skin flakes were gone!

What a wake up call! I will never feed Boo a kibble diet again. My girl is thriving and I have Janie to thank for that.”

-L. Zager (Boo’s mom), Coraopolis, PA


In case of any questions or clarifications needed about the eBook, please feel free to contact me at janieknetzer(at)gmail(dot)com.


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